ZsbKAqU2Growing up with a military foundation based in Columbus, Georgia, Jared ‘Incognito’ McGriff was not only strategically set up for his career path but fell in love for the first time, with music. Incognito was born during the year of 1985 along with other talented industry celebs such as: Bruno Mars, Ciara, Future, J. Cole and T Pain, just to name a few. Gaining his alias name from the album ‘Bossalinie’ by C Murder while listening to the song ‘Ride on Dem Bustas’, the last few lyrics with the word incognito struck his attention. His father while growing up, challenged his curiosity with words by making Incognito look them up in the dictionary. Unknowingly this exposure expanded his vocabulary creating a great foundation in his wordplay for radio production. After he asked his father what was the meaning of incognito, he sent Incognito to look it up. At that point in his life he realized that – that was him. Truly the definition of Incognito [having one’s identity concealed, as under an assumed name, especially to avoid notice or formal attentions], he moves in unexpected ways with unexpected answers at all times.

Calling into the heritage radio station, WFXE 105 FM frequently to represent his high school during the morning show strategically set him up for the opportunity of a lifetime. A radio personality at the time introduced Incognito to the Program Director, where he established his start in his unforeseen career at the age of 16. Eventually he also started working at a music retail store which became hand in hand to his career path in the music industry. Finally gained his niche, Incognito realized he was anointed to do radio. Taking a break from radio to re-locate to Charlotte, North Carolina, he pursued his education in Business Administration. He became stagnant, dropped out of school and moved back home to Columbus, Georgia where he eventually got back on the air this time with the hot new urban station, WBFA 98.3 FM in 2006.

From a national perspective people couldn’t recognized his hometown Columbus, Georgia because Columbus, Ohio overshadowed. Thinking globally he had to re-locate to a city where he could travel anywhere and it can still relate to his hometown. In 2013, Incognito with his proper southern drawl and etiquette was finally heard 100 miles away from his hometown on Streetz 94.5 FM in Atlanta, Georgia. Comparing his southern production to Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, Ric Party, and Michael Soul, he appreciates that their voices stands up without the crutches (sound effects). Incognito isn’t a fan of sound effects because he wants to capture his audience like a hit record within the first 30 seconds, he wants to touch his listener’s souls.

His family is his foundation along with his spiritual motivation and situation-ships that has kept him humbled. To name a few of his mentors he identified Honorable Benjamin Barksdale and Steve Hegwood.  Incognito is always encouraging people that “loyalty is everything” while reminding them in the same breath, “Do not let anyone use your loyalty against you make sure it is in return, Amen.” Knowing that the world is his, Incognito request that his listeners stay tuned.

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